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Old Village Paints

Old Village Paints

The Old Village Paint family has been making paint since 1816. And we still make paint the same way we did then. We also use Natural Earth Pigment, as we did in the old days just like Artist’s Paint. Modern day paints are made with tint bases and use Universal Tints for color. Old Village Paint CANNOT be matched with Modern day paints for that reason. It can be used for any kind of Decorative, Primitive, Faux or Shabby Chic finish you can imagine.

Old Village Paint will give you 400 square feet per gallon coverage and can be stretched to 550 square feet by thinning. In most cases, a one coat coverage. Modern day paint covers 300 square feet per gallon. Old Village Paint can last ten years outside without chipping or pealing, which means a whole lot less labor for prep work in repainting! Major money saver!!

Old Village Paint is safe enough for your baby’s crib and strong enough to paint the exterior of your house! It has been used historically in museums such as The Hermitage, Andrew Jacksons Mansion, the Lincoln Law Library, Historic Deerfield and primitive use as Canterberry Shaker Village. We carry Buttermilk paints, Acrylic Latex and Oils, Crackle paint and Gel Wood Stains in gallons, quarts and pints. 

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